Life Quote: Enjoy Life To Its Fullest!

There Is Only One Life To Live – Enjoy It To The Fullest!

I was watching the “Crocodile Hunter”, Steve Irwin on T.V, in that episode, he was on a wonderful yacht cruise over the Indian Ocean, with his family – wife Terry and little daughter Bindi. What a life he was having, I was just thrilled and excited as he was seeing the cruise over the beautiful vast ocean, and then they showed him flying over the scenic locations and visiting the most beautiful places on earth. What a life, really a life filled with enthusiasm and excitement. My thoughts are that, even though Steve died in a tragic accident, he has accomplished everything in his life and enjoyed every minute of his God given life.

It was at the moment when i stopped and though about my own life. What do i have in my life, worth remembering? What do i have in my life, which i can call an accomplishment? Am I enjoying my life?

The answer is a No… :( Not at all… We are missing the excitement and the joy of life, when chasing down material goals like money and fame. Stop and think for a moment, If you happen to die today, what do you think, you have gained for your own, in your God Given LIfe? Think for a moment, have you gained anything in life, which your soul can be really satisfied about? Nothing yet, right?

We are loosing the excitement in our life. Everyone of us are born in this universe with a spirit, an excitement towards life. Look at children, look how happy they are, they naturally ahev an excitement towards life. I can bet that everyone would want to be back in their childhood days again. Why, because they were so excited and life was so wonderful then. I still remember, how excited i was everyday, in my childhood days, everyday it was great, eventhough there wasn’t anything special. I felt everyday was so good, i was so happy when i wake up from bed every morning.

But now where is all that joy and excitement? Where are those mornings when we used to wake up with joy, expecting something good ? Where is the God given spirit, that you had when you were a child ? It’s all gone… As we grow older and face the polluted world, our spirits slowly and gradually die, without we ever realizing it. When we get older and start our run towards money and fame, it’s nowhere to be found. Sometimes people start to feel it’s no use living this hectic life.

Friends, we need to regain our God given spirit which we lost on our misleading jorney of life. Your life is something that needs to be treasured, that needs to be enjoyed each and every moment. Your life is a gift from God. Live it the fullest, that’s what pleases our creator, The Almighty God.

Life is not worth dragging around down and defeated, nor is it worth chasing down dreams, money or fame. You can’t have any of them without the spirit, which gives you the enthusiasm and excitement in life. Regain it, and you will regain your life. Live your life joyfully, that’s what we are created for and that’s what pleases our God. If you do it, you won’t ever have to chase down your dreams, The blessings of our Almight God will chase you down and will fill you with abundance.

And this is well put in John 10: 10 which says – Jesus Came So That We May Have An Abundant Life.

One translation says – I have come in order that you might have life – Life In All Its Fullness.

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2 comments to Life Quote: Enjoy Life To Its Fullest!

  • James

    Jesus even said:Live each day to it’s fullest.
    If you get criticized by others.
    Remember that they too
    will be because Jesus
    Even said:Criticize not
    and you won’t be
    criticized.Being born
    again requires all to cease
    criticizing,judging and
    Condemning.The Bible
    says:There is no
    condemnation in Christ.
    Turn from the web and
    turn to God and he will
    deal with your enemies.

  • James

    Jesus even said:If anybody says anything against
    you they say it against me.
    There is even a verse in
    The New Testament
    of him saying that.

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